MoU with Farm Depot and Nkwasho

Kitwe-based financial institution Inde Credit, has signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Farm Depot and Nkwasho Agro Processing to assist small-scale farmers buy, grow, and sell broiler chickens.

Small-scale farmers in Kalumbila District can now get financing from Inde Credit to buy day-old chicks, feed, and technical assistance from Farm Depot and when the chickens are ready to sell Nkwasho will buy all stock. Nkwasho supplies Golden Camp Solutions, who caters for Barrick Lumwana Mine.

This agreement creates a market for the farmers to secure their output, allowing them to focus on rearing chickens instead of stressing over finding customers. This essentially covers every step of the supply chain ensuring farmers can buy, raise, sell, and make a profit. It empowers small-scale farmers by breaking down barriers to financing, guaranteeing a market, and enabling growth.

Dimas Lumba, Board Chair at Nkwasho Agro Processing said, “We are proud to partner with Inde Credit and Farm Depot to empower small-scale poultry farmers in Kalumbila District. Our commitment goes beyond just buying stock – we’re investing in the success of these farmers. By providing a guaranteed market for their products, we’re enabling them to focus on their craft without the worry of finding buyers. Together, we’re not just supporting farmers; we’re building sustainable communities and driving economic growth.”

Simon Bentley, CEO of Farm Depot said, “We’re faced with stubborn obstacles that hold us back. Farmers lack access to finance to buy the inputs they need. Quality farming supplies are often scarce or out of reach. Knowledge about best practices isn’t reaching those who need it most. Reliable markets for farmers’ produce remain elusive. This tripartite agreement will work to overcome those obstacles.”

Broiler chicken farmers are facing increasing challenges due to load-shedding. Peter Bwalya of Inde Credit explained, “Load-shedding, at times, means their output goes to waste. That coupled with a lack of technical assistance has led to unnecessarily high chicken mortality rates. To minimize waste and uphold product quality, it is essential that chickens can be delivered to off-takers quickly. Farmers are also assisted with financial literacy and technical expertise along the way to ensure long-term benefits of empowerment.”

CEO of Nkwasho, Mara Zhanet Michelo added, “Our harvest is not measured just in products but in the positive impact we leave on the land, the community, and the future. At Nkwasho, we redefine poultry processing through genetic excellence, precision nutrition, and smart farming technologies. We believe in leading by example and setting new standards in breeding programs, feed formulations, and overall farming practices. Our cooperative ecosystem is a testament to shared success and lasting prosperity, making Nkwasho not just a company but a community. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to collective prosperity.”


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