Keeping the business running when customers don’t pay

After starting his business in 2009, David had to sell the family house in order to inject money into his family business. As the CEO, it was his responsibility to source funds and keep the business running, even when customers didn’t pay. 

David runs Mensatech Investments together with his young brother. They provide contracts to mines, including Mopani and KCM. They mostly provide a skilled service and have about 48 employees that are hired to the mines for construction contracts. When the mines were not doing well and couldn’t pay on time, it became challenging to pay their workers. 

After learning about Inde Credit, David went to the Inde Credit office, “consulted the guys and tried it. Response time was amazing. My application was done at 10am and by 4pm the money was there,” he says. “Inde is doing a great job. They have good rates and service. The service at Inde is much better. You can negotiate the rate as the people here are gentlemen – business relationships are important to maintain.”

Through Inde Credit’s Invoice Discounting facility, David was able to stabilise cash flow and grow the family business. 

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